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What makes a great entry?

The Audiologist of the Year competition asks patients to nominate their hearing care professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Quality Entries

All entries are judged on their quality and how well they bring the hearing care professional’s work to life.

Here are some top tips for writing your entry:

  • Don’t forget to cover the background to your entry, for example, how long have you suffered with your hearing, how did this impact your life?
  • What made you contact your current hearing care professional?
  • What is your experience during and beyond appointments?
  • What impact has your hearing care professional had on your life?
  • Has your hearing professional included any family members, peers etc. in your appointments?
  • How has your hearing professional exceeded your expectations?
  • Have they introduced you to any other support, for example, support groups, new hearing technology to work with your hearing aid?
  • Does the audiologist work for/supports any charity/support group?